Business Testimonials

“Rich Bedell operated as our CFO over a six-month period. During that time, I found him to be the consummate professional with a focus on the goals of our business. He was instrumental in building an accounting department for us, including the hiring of a full-time controller, development of a budgeting process, preparation of a cost analysis model, upgrading the way we used our accounting software and the creation of an auditable set of books. He kept projects moving in the right direction, met deadlines, was very easy to work with and, above all, kept a focus on what we needed to do to run the business effectively. I would recommend Mr. Bedell’s services to anyone.”

– Tony Paparella, President, MediQuant, Inc.

“Rich Bedell came into our company during a period of transition. He stepped into the role of a CFO working hand-in-hand with our current team augmenting what they were already doing and becoming a trusted resource. Over the course of a year he began mentoring and developing our accounting/finance staff as he became involved in our banking relationship, fiscal planning, cash management, vendor management and more.. He was what we needed to help move projects forward quickly, organize various processes and develop tools that gave us better fiscal control. Additionally, Rich was a key part in helping us to successful make the largest acquisition in company history. His efforts helped us to secure funding, conduct due diligence and help during the integration process. Rich is not only a great resource for short, medium and long term projects but he is also a fantastic team member who helps build and maintain the right corporate culture. Rich was more than a consultant. He was a valued part of our team.”

– Travis Mlakar, President, Millcraft Paper